Services for Employers / Candidates

For employers

The cooperation with our partners is very important to us.

Knowing the challenges of the current reality our goal is to reduce unemployment and to save time and money for businesses. Based on the criteria and requirements of our customers we choose the right candidate for the right position. Our office also provides six months warranty where employers can replace their staff at no extra charge.

For candidates

All candidates who get in touch with us are treated with kindness, seriousness and professionalism in order to find what they are looking for and are capable of. The qualifications of candidates are evaluated through personal interviews and they are given information about the available positions and contract terms. Showing proper attention to our every candidate, we aim at helping them quickly but also the satisfaction of our customers.

Our services are provided free of charge to all candidates before, during and after finding work.

Services to employees

  • Career tips
  • Preparing for the interview
  • English lessons at affordable prices in cases of relocation abroad